About us

James Ellis Gumbiner & Associates concentrates in representing clients involved in accidents who suffer catastrophic injuries. The firm recently resolved a Workers’ Compensation claim for $350,000 where a worker injured his shoulder to the extent that his ability to return to work was compromised. The firm further obtained compensation for a driver of a car who was injured in a serious accident after colliding with a semi-truck. The insurance company for the truck paid 1.5 million dollars to settle the claim. In addition, James Ellis Gumbiner & Associates obtained a settlement of 6 million dollars for a mother when her child was born with cerebral palsy as a result of a medical malpractice.

The Gumbiner law firm has of over 35 years of winning tradition which it uses to obtain a lot of money for its clients. Due to the law firms winning reputation in the courthouse, and ability to obtain maximum benefits for its clients, the Gumbiner law firm has been known as El Ganador, or the winner. It is because of this reputation that the law firm has received huge awards for its clients.

The law firm of James Ellis Gumbiner can win for you as well. Call today for a free consultation.