Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents in Chicago:    When a person is struck by a vehicle, customarily a person will suffer a major injury.   The person struck by a vehicle will often be transported to the hospital by ambulance and should not be concerned about obtaining any information about the accident.  The police in most cases are called to the scene by another person.  The police should obtain the information concerning the vehicle that struck the pedestrian and provide the pedestrian a copy of the information.  The vehicle must be more at fault in causing the accident.  The injured pedestrian will receive money for their pain and suffering.  The amount of pain and suffering should be determined by the medical treatment, lost time, extent of the injury, and other elements relating to the pain and suffering incurred after the accident.  The pedestrian should not give a statement to the insurance company of the vehicle which stuck them.  You should contact the Ganador for further legal advise.